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Session Singer Online

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Session Singer Online is the future for vocal sessions

and is the complete professional service providing

fast, accurate and perfectly edited sung vocals delivered

online using world class UK & USA session singers. Across

all music genres and broadcast quality, clients incl. Major Brands & Sync Co's/TV/Networks/Film.

Hi and welcome to Session Singer Online, the home of

internet sung vocal recording sessions.  This company does

exactly what it says !...you will have the benefit of world

class session singers online ready to record vocals for

your major brand advert brief or film / music project.

We then send the edited vox files ready for you

to mix, dry no fx in whichever file format you prefer.  All of

our Session Singers (U.K. & USA)  

have major tv / film credits and have worked on many

miscellaneous major brands & tv channels.  All

together, it is this that sets us apart.  Below are just some

of our clients.  You can check out our work for these clients

and more on Our General Showreel page, as well as watch

some of them in our TV/Film Portfolio.  Our General Showreel

page includes All Vocal Genres (Male & Female, UK & USA)

Gospel Choir, International Languages Dept,

Plus U.S. Rappers and "In The Style Of" Artists Depts.

Here is a selection of our clients:






Burger King




Sony Playstation


Kentucky Fried Chicken




Thomas & Friends (Thomas The Tank Engine)

All Major Record & Publishing Labels



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To hear our session singers:

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